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Google’s Blogger Sucks, Now on WordPress

Google deleted our blog on Blogger / Blogspot without warning and claimed it was a ‘spam’ blog. Oddly enough this was immediately after we launched Revenue Giving 2.0, a program for gamers / video producers to earn money directly on our website. After several complaints and even a twitter discussion with Matt Cutts that ended after he didnt reply for weeks we decided to simply start the blog over and are examining whether or not it’s necessary to file an official complaint with the FTC for what appears to be blatant anti-competitive practices.

With all of that said welcome to the new “Loading” blog, our official communication channel.


Oh and you should start searching for Game Trailers and Game Videos on Bing now =D



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  1. […] rise of their video hosting service during each and every one of the “Panda” updates to deleting our blog a day after we announced that we would allow users to earn money on their videos through […]

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