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SOPA Blackout Over, The Fight Is Not


If you were paying attention we left the blackout up for an extra day. I apologize for that, but we felt we needed to make a statement. Please remember that if SOPA/PIPA or anything like them pass it would destroy independent game video creation like all of your productions. The wording of the legislation would allow the owners of a game to complain about any use of the games clips in a production for profit or not. That means no more tutorials, walkthroughs, reviews, esports videos, frag videos, warcraft movies, machinima, game music videos, raid videos, leaked beta footage, or even live streaming footage of game casts.

To me this is absurd. It’s like Hollywood studios paying to license the way a couch looks, a certain car model, etc.. No, in fact many companies pay to have their things used, clothes worn and cars driven in movies and tv shows because it drives recognition of the product. So too should video game developers realize that productions like Red vs. Blue drive recognition of the video game itself to a far wider audience than a simple game trailer, a review on IGN, or even a write up in the New York Times could do.

The games themselves should not be pirated, not be illegally sold or distributed. That’s a no brainer that even the dirtiest of downloaders can agree on. However, when a video is created by a gamer using a video game it is the talent and the creativity of that gamer that makes the video what it is, that transforms it from just another video game moment to something exciting, interesting or mind-blowing. It is the gamers movements, voiceovers, special effects and editing that make a great machinima video what it is and all of that will be lost, the artform destroyed if SOPA/PIPA pass.

Do your part and stop using the following websites owned by the major media companies that want to censor you, complain to the Entertainment Sofware Association and refused to purchase their games brand new, instead use STEAM or go to a local used music/game store.

  • GameTrailers (Viacom)
  • G4TV (NBC Universal)
  • IGN (News Corp)
  • GameSpot (CBS)
  • GameSpy (News Corp)
  • Team Xbox (News Corp)
  • FilePlanet (News Corp)
  • What They Play (News Corp)
  • BattleField Heroes (News Corp)
  • Addicting Games (Viacom)

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The Blackout Begins

We are now dark as of 12:05am Wednesday January 18th. The blackout will remain for 24 hours.

Visit gamerstube.com for a list of gaming websites opposing and supporting SOPA and PIPA.

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We’re Shutting Down To Protest SOPA, Support Reddit

On January 18th users will not be able to access the website to do anything. We will block access to watching videos, uploading videos, commenting, logging in and editing your profile.

We are doing this to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PIPA legislation currently being reviewed in the U.S. Congress. Reddit announced their blackout on January 10th and immediately GamersTube’s founder committed our participation. Now, that participation is solidified and we’ve decided to use the day to highlight video game websites and companies that are supporting SOPA including Nintendo, Sony, GameTrailers.com and others. Other major websites that are not owned by major media corporations are considering joining the protest as well by blacking out their websites and services including internet giant Google.

SOPA/PIPA has the potential to do severe damage to gamer produced videos such as tutorials, walkthroughs, fan trailers, skill videos and other machinima. Since 2007 we have supported the fair use rights of gamer created video content. If you own a video gaming website please join us, join Reddit and join the internet in protesting this disasterous bills by taking your website offline for 12 hours on January 18th.

more at Reddit’s blog: http://blog.reddit.com/2012/01/stopped-they-must-be-on-this-all.html

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