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New Channel: Minecraft

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have created a new video Channel specifically for Minecraft videos. Currently the channel is kinda empty.  So go start building, beating Creeps and making videos.

Then upload your creations to the Minecraft Videos channel


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Making Money With Game Videos / Trailers

Do you enjoy making videos? or maybe you have access to some great game trailers? Can’t seem to break the 1 million view on YouTube or maybe they just aren’t inviting you to be a partner?

At GamersTube every video has the chance to earn money. It’s so super-easy to get started even the biggest n00b can do it! Just follow these steps:

1. Login to the website

login to gamerstube.com


2. Click on the “Random Info” tab in your user area

random info tab on gamerstube


3. Enter your Google Adsense Publisher ID and click on the “Update” button

enter your google adsense publisher id


4. HOLY PAC-MAN!! That was EASY. Now your all set to start making $$ every time your video is viewed.

and now you're making money with gamerstube and google adsense!

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